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Hello, welcome to Anxiety Depression Remedies. I’m Annette Houghtling, and I've been helping people with anxiety, depression, and bipolar since 2011. I provide customized individual counseling for people who are seeking an effective process for managing and recovering from their symptoms.

The symptoms of anxiety, depression, and bipolar can be excruciating, and make it difficult to feel hopeful. However small your hope may be today, I can help you hold your faith that how you're feeling now can change. We can work together to help you unburden yourself through collaborative choices that can lead to ongoing and sustained peace of mind and wellbeing.

I know that sometimes taking the first step to have a conversation with a therapist can be difficult. You may have been hoping your symptoms would go away on their own, and find it highly disappointing that they are still occuring, or you may be skeptical about whether or not therapy can help you.

I understand….and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to reach out to me. You can call to schedule an appointment with me, or you can start with a free 30-minute initial consultation, to see if my services would be beneficial for you.

Either way, you can get in touch with me (via phone or email) using my Contact Me page. The form on that page goes straight into my email inbox.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.